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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 23, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> to a developing story in germantown. a 78 year old woman pulls a gun and shoots her own son. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. the 45 year old man is in the hospital and tonight police believe his mom had no choice but to pull the trigger. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at police headquarters tonight. sabina, what really happened here? >> reporter: joyce, every mother's natural instinct to protect her child but police say this mom was forced to fight back after her son allegedly pointed a gun right at her. violent confrontation between mother and son inside this mack man of a duplex.
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police responding just after 9:00 o'clock last night. to reports of gunshots going off inside the home. when they got there officials found 45 year old man shot once in the stomach. his 78 year old mother had locked herself inside her second floor bedroom waiting for police. >> just an erie feeling. staying on your toes will probably keep you the most protected especially in this day and age. >> reporter: this man lives doors down from where the domestic dispute took place. he says the neighborhood is usually quiet. >> who knows what went on? but just to hear a son tack a mother is pretty weird. >> reporter: police say the 45 year old suspect may have been drunk when he allegedly threatened to strangle his mother. she was so scared, she hid in her room. that's when police say the woman heard two loud bangs. authorities say her son shoved his way into the bedroom and point add handgun at his elderly mom. calling out quote i'm going to shoot you expletive. she grabbed the gun on her bed and fired at her own son several times striking him once. he shot back but missed.
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people who know the family reluctant to speak camera but they're anything of mother. >> my heart goes oh it to her and her family, you know. she's been living around here for while now. something like this for to happen, now she's probably scared. people you shouldn't have to live like that. especially a grandmother she should should be enjoying herself you know. >> reporter: and the suspect is in stable condition. he is expect to be charged with assault. no word on a possible motive for the attack. joyce? >> thank you sabina. and to your fox 29 weather authority. it's been a dreary saturday looking live at old city tonight. we've had some rain today. we sure have. but what's coming to night? fox 29's meteorologist dominica davis is here to tell. >> the good thing things will be clearing out for tonight and lead to much better sunday but saturday, yes, it has been kind of damp. not a whole lot of rain. we had less than quarter of an inch here in philadelphia so far and you can see just a trace in
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trenton in atlantic city. the jackpot right now is reading where they've picked up over a half inch of rain. so it's really been this slow steady drizzle in most spots with moderate pockets of rain at times. that's what we're seeing right now. still a broad area of showers coming out of the pottsville area moving through the city. you can see montgomery picking up some moderate rain and even trenton getting in on a little bit of heavy rain action. so the showers continue through the early part of the evening and then we'll slowly start to see this drifty way. fox future cast is breaking up those showers by 9:00 o'clock. and then the clouds will follow overnight. so clearing skies overnight. going lead to a much better sunday it's only 69 degrees right now. pretty chilly temperatures with 10 degrees below normal for today. 61 will be the overnight low in the city. 59 in the suburbs. we get the clearing overnight and then it's a spectacular sunday. i'll have look at the complete forecast in just a little bit. joyce? >> all right. thanks dominica. thousands gathered today in
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staten island to protest police action in a case of a man who died last month after he was placed in a choke hold by a new york police officer. the event was put together by the reverend al sharpton. his national action network many involved are also protesting the death of michael brown an unarmed teenager who was shot by police officer. it comes as peace has prevailed in ferguson, missouri for the third night in a row. fox's mike tobin has the very latest now from ferguson. >> i observed very little tension on the streets tonight. >> reporter: friday mark another night of peaceful protests in ferguson. missouri state highway patrol captain ron johnson knowing fewer arrests as the night goes on. >> no's lack of conflict is further proof good things are happening in ferguson. >> reporter: community workers members are working to get life back on track after several businesses and schools were forced to closed.
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>> we need to get to the business of healing that involves. >> the call for justice is still present. saturday on staten island gathers gather for a rally head by al sharp upon meant to commemorate eric gardner. michael brown the teen killed in ferguson earlier this month was also on everyone's mind. meanwhile in st. louis -- >> if you support darrin wilson make your voices heard. >> rally held for the officer who fatally shot brown. many came out to show support for wilson and us his family although there were some in the area not pleased with the gathering. >> we can't congregate peacefully without them calling on us. >> those are the rally in st. louis are not speaking on officer wilson's behalf but they believe his actions were warranted and justified. church in st. louis is prepping for michael brown's funeral which is open to the public. in ferguson, missouri, mike tobin, fox news. >> two philadelphia police officers responding to a call end up slamming into each other
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in an accident. it happened as one was driving north on stanton avenue and the other cop was going east on mt. airy avenue. police say they crashed right there at the intersection. both were taken to the hospital for treatment and they are expected to be released. delaware police thought they were following up on a burglary instead they say they found a meth lab. 35 year old robert mccullough is in police custody tonight. authorities say his brother-in-law had called to report a burglary friday morning telling police he saw mccullough walking away from his home with a gas can an tool box. but when police went to talk to mccullough about it at his home in felton, they say they found heroin and the makings of a meth lab. well, police in maple shade, new jersey, are looking for this guy. they believe he walk right out of a cvs on route 73 with 19 packs of red bull last weekend. police say the red bull is worth more than $150.
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cops say that there was a get away car and driver waiting for him outside. and happening now, the search for more victims of the deadly explosions in iraq. officials say at least 42 people were killed and dozens more injured after three explosions were set off in a residential neighborhood in baghdad. the blasts were targeting nearby buildings being used as look out points for militants. emergency crews are searching through the rubble for more victims tonight. >> and in the wake of the death of american journalist james foley, the pentagon is now considering u.s. air strikes on isis inside syria. fox's jenn for griffin has the very latest now from washington. >> reporter: a senior u.s. defense official tells me that in the wake of the foley execution, the defense department is actively weighing options for the president to include air strikes inside syria against isis targets as well as the possibility of sending u.s. special operations troops on the ground a dramatic shift from the
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mission the president has outlined for the military so far. no decision has yet been made. deputy national security adviser ben road said yesterday the us would not be deterred by any borders. >> if you come after americans we'll come after you wherever you are. and that's what's going to guide our planning in the days to come. >> can they be defeated without addressing that part of their organization which resides in syria the answer is no. >> pentagon says it has not seen any sign that isis terror cells have crossed the southern border into the united states. but those who have been watching this group grow in strength say the latest intelligence suggests the group is planning an attack on the us home land. >> they're crazy out there. they are rapidly developing a method of building up a major u.s. city and people -- can't believe that's happening. isis, they are -- they are really bad terrorists. they're so bad al-qaida is afraid of them. >> the president may now be regretting his choice of words back in january when he mocked
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isis in an interview with the new yorker. quote the analogy we use around here sometimes and i think is accurate if a jv team puts on lakers uniforms that doesn't make them kobe bryant. should the president authorize military action and side syria, it would be a major shift from the very narrow limited mission the president has approved so far to help the iraqis combat isis inside iraq. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> israeli air strikes in gaza today leave 22 people hurt including 11 children. two missiles were fired at a 12 story apartment building in gaza city sending up a huge fire ball into the sky. then the building collapsed. causing more wreckage like this. israel has launched a fury of air strikes on gaza over the past seven weeks in its battle with hamas. this is the first time an entire high rise was brought down. officials say the explosion shocked nearby buildings as we
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well. still ahead tonight on fox 29 news at 6:00 a local mother loses two of her children to ebola as her west philadelphia community comes together to help her through this terrible time. >> family members have lot of questions about what happened to her kid. we have live report coming up next. >> and a special needs student is fed pizza out of the trash can. why the district says that her aids thought they were doing the right thing. >> and the taney dragons they're getting ready to head home. when the philadelphia darlings will arrive in town. and the warm welcome that is planned for them. tom? >> hi, joyce. nba the long awaited kevin love from minnesota to cleveland trade is now done. but it's a free team trade with the 76ers involved. what veteran sixer is on the move and what philadelphia is getting in return.
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♪ >> a sad day in west philadelphia. i should say southwest philadelphia. community mourning the loss of a loved one who died in africa from the ebola virus. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live at a memorial there tonig tonight. dave. >> reporter: joyce, the mother of the first american to die from ebola actually lives here in southwest philadelphia in the liberian community. we heard from her and her family for the first time. they are dealing with two tragedies now. georgia dressed in white surrounded by the love of family and friends in southwest
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philadelphia. it's a celebration of live for her children patrick saw wearier and his sister both who died from the ebola virus in july. the mother incredibly emotional but it was the uncle of the victims who says there is a search for information going along with their grief. >> we have our own questions because the manner patrick passed and the matter princess pass. >> patrick became the first reported american to contract ebola after rushing to liberia to to his ill sister stricken with the virus. she died and the family says patrick collapsed and died weeks later while on trip to nigeria. questions aside they spent this time honoring their memory. >> what we're trying to do is express -- we're having memorial to have closure and we have a lot of questions what actually happened. >> reporter: the family says they are also trying to bring patrick's ashes back to the united states. joyce? >> thank you, dave.
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after 24 years in a pennsylvania prison, a former new york city businessman convicted of setting a fire that killed his mentally ill daughter is released. 79 year old man was serving live without parole for the 1989 death of his 20 year old daughter. he walk out of federal courthouse today in harrisburg. this was yesterday. a judge overturned his conviction ruling the case against him was based on arson science that is now dee bunked. lee who was born in south korea talked about his release through a translator. >> now i'm finally free. i pledge to live in hell and to make up these 25 years which i have lost. >> this case is one of a handful so far and there will be an avalanche soon of cases where the same junk science was used to convict innocent people of
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arson. >> prosecutors admit the science used to convict lee was foot faulty but they say other evidence pointed to his guilt. they may seek an appeal to lee's release that would put him back behind bars. there's good news for drivers who are traveling through delaware tonight. you may not be facing so much traffic out there. the northbound lanes of i-495 through wilmington are now open again to traffic. the delaware secretary of transportation made the announcement today. the southbound lanes were reopened in july. so this means the $45 million restoration project to the bridge is now complete ahead of schedule. the bridge was shut down in june as you may remember after it was deemed unsafe. some 90,000 vehicles travel over it every day. >> and chicago will advance to the little league world series championship game. it's the team that beat out taney dragons on thursday night. they pulled out a win just
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minutes ago against the team from las vegas. the final score was seven to five. now, this jack can he robinson west team is comprised of all african-american players. congratulations to them. now chicago will be taking on south korea tomorrow in the world series championship game. south korea had beaten the defending champs japan 12 to three. those taney dragons are he heading home tomorrow. the city leaders and fans are planning to give the team a warm welcome. the rally will be held at love park it starts at noon. the team will leave williamsport tomorrow morning. taney dragons were just one away from today's title game. and still a head on the fox 29 news at 6:00, two kids fall from a ferris wheel. what investigators believe caused the freak accident that horrified crowds of people and shut down the corn val. >> plus, chasing bare jumpers.
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so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month. >> welcome back everybody. unmanned rocket exploded in texas but it was part of the plan. it happened friday afternoon just southeast of waco.
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the spokesperson for the space x company says the system detected an error in the rocket automatically shut down right after take off. data from the flight will be used to learn more about how the rocket works for future testing. >> airlines are on alert as ice land's largest volcano erupt. right now, there is a no fly zone around the volcano and the alert level is at red and that means that a significant amount of ash can get into the atmosphere. this type of event is not knew to ice land. in 2010 another volcano erupted leading to 100,000 flights being canceled. >> a brush fire is threatening homes in hawaii tonight. at least 20 homes have been evacuated after it broke out friday night. more than 100 firefighters are battling the blazes near honolulu. red cross says it has opened an emergency shelter for those affected. no injuries have been reported. and police think a teenage teenager's crutches may have caused an accident at a carnival
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in michigan. the cab of the ferris wheel that the fare tipped over on thursday causing two riders to fall out. police say one of the victims a 16 year old girl was on crutches. they believe one of the crutches may have played a part in causing that accident. they're waiting to speak with her before they determine the exact cause. she's still in the hospital tonight. witnesses say they knew right away that something was going terribly wrong. >> we just seen the ambulances and we didn't go down to check it out. we just wanted to, you know, let them do their thing, but we watched from the distance and we knew it look like it was pretty serious. >> well the eight year old boy who was also hurt has been released from the hospital. officials say the ride was reopened yesterday. and still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, john lennon's killer is up for parole again. why the parole board says he's going to be staying put. that's coming up much. >> plus, caught in the act.
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guys jumping on to septa trains and subways for free. but police are nabbing them. why officers say catching these guys is making the train safer for you. dominica. >> where did the august heat go it doesn't feel like summer at all with temperatures running 10 degrees more than 10 degrees below normal. high today of only 74 degrees. but the heat is coming back and the rain is moving out. i'll tell you how hot it will get in this u
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♪ >> welcome back. septa police have mount add huge crack down on fair jumpers. those people who don't pay to ride the trains and subways. but it's about much more than not paying up. seven's dave schratwieser road with the septa undercover officers in recent sweep and he gives you behind the scenes look at their high-tech plan to make riders safe. >> thousands of commuters pay their fair share and pass throughly turn styles on septa platforms every day. then there are those who don't.
6:27 pm
so called fare evaders who maneuver their way on to september tra trains every day free of charge. >> the el is coming i'm going to up? and. >> reporter: that was the mentality of one fare jumper snagged by septa police and caught on camera by fox 29 as he hurdled his way on to the platform at kensington and allegheny and didn't pay one dime. >> usually nobody standing here. i jump over there the the guy ended up in the hands of septa police. handcuffed and given $300 summons for evading the dollars 25 cents fair. >> you know it's a $300 fine every time do you that,. yes, sir. >> he wasn't alone. we saw five fare jumpers get snagged in just 25 minutes. including these two guys jumping the turn styles at erie and torresdale. they were caught by the time they got off at k and a. >> jump the fare over there?
6:28 pm
>> get out of my face, yo. >> i ain't paying because i'm broke and don't have no money. >> you know it's a $300 tick. $2 to get on. three hadn't dread dollars if you don't pay. >> reporter: septa has made a converted effort to catch the fair jumpers, the number of summonses hasn'ted out to violators has jumped from 416 in 2000 sand 11 to over 3,000 last year. in the first sick months of this year, 2300 summonses have been issued. >> it's not because evasion is increasing because we're catching them, we're addressing it and we're going to stop it. >> septa police have a sufficient way of snagging them. cameras are focused on platforms and trains cashiers are also the eyes and ears on the platforms. then there's veteran septa officer dale foster keeps a watchful eye at headquarters he's seen every kind of fare evader you can imagine. >> the best guy out he was on his phone and as he's walking he
6:29 pm
jumped and still was talking on the phone in the air and kept on walking. i guess he must have grew up doing this. >> reporter: once the cashier or foster spots a fair jumper video of the offense is called up to a screen. foster snaps a picture with his cell phone and immediately sips that photo out to septa police on platforms across the city. >> this way they know exactly what the guy look like. that will be the end of that. you know, that tune. >> we're waiting for that train. when that train gets there, the officer already has the picture on his or her cell phone. >> reporter: the chief says most times the fare evaders are caught within minutes. >> we have obviously officers spread throughout the system. they're strategically placed at locations that we know we have a problem. the chief also says the crack down on fair jumpers is a quality of live issue on septa. he says hard working people can pay their fair share, why should others get away with paying nothing? >> if you think you can beat 17,000 cameras, you're a bad dude.
6:30 pm
but you won't. we'll catch you and we'll be hooking you up with a cheese sandwich. >> he also believes there's a direct correlation between fare evaders and crime on the system. >> it is my opinion that fare evaders are the first step to real crime on the system. they're not jumping the turn styles to visit grandma or headed to the library. they're jumping the turn styles to create disorder on the system and commit crime. >> reporter: back on the platform, we pressed the fair jumper who's got caught for an explanation. >> you know it's a three hadn't dread dollars fine, right? 300 buck versus two bucks to get on not a good deal. should have paid the two bucks, right? >> it's a crime. >> reporter: septa says since its crack down on fare evaders started serious crimes like robbery, theft, rape and murder are down 14% across the system. and just last friday, a fare evader had was caught, he was wanted for rape. dave schratwieser, fox 29
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news. >> john lennon's killer is denied parole for the eighth time. mark david ham man appeared before parole board on wednesd wednesday. the board denied his release yesterday. chapman shot the ex beetle four times outside his new york city apartment in december of 1980. in its ruling the board wrote "your actions have devastated a family and those who loved the victim". >> more than a thousand students now call st. joe's university home. it's move in day for the school's second largest freshman class. nearly 1400 freshman moved on to the wynnefield campus. they brought along with them many comforts of home. tomorrow the upper classmen return. and it's move in day at the university of penn as well. so you'll want to make note as it's going on move in day at colleges all around the area. make note that the traffic is increased around those universities. as the city welcomes back retu returning residents for the fall
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semester. >> well, thousands gathered today in staten island to protest police action in the case of a man who died last month after he was placed in a choke hold by a new york city police officer. the reverend al sharpton's national action network is leading the way. fox's lisa evers at the rally and she shows us. >> reporter: the crowd assembled near the site where 43 year old eric gardner died last month from an apparent police choke hold. it happened while he was arrested for selling untagged cigarettes called lucy. >> i spoke with his daughter emerald snipes as the march was getting underway. >> we're not going to stop fighting. we're not going to stop protesting. we're not going to stop rallyi rallying. we'll keep doing everything we need to do to get justice. skyfox was above the scene as the crowd swelled into bay street. the marchers made their way past the district attorney's office and ended up at a rally outside
6:33 pm
the 120t 120th 120th police pre. nypd officers maintained a highly voice osama bin laden but low key presence and mingled with the crowd. we observed them helping a protester feeling faint. the local commander says there was not a single incident of violence or trouble. >> i've been working very closely for weeks with the community leaders out here on staten island with the national action network with work with our marshals. we have marshals from islam, from the national act network. from 1199. all briefed and everybody knew what their job was and they knew we had to communicate and get this done right and we did it. >> reporter: for nearly two hours, speakers addressed the issue of police force. they ranged from mother who's lost sons in police shoot to go lecked officials and union leaders. the march organizers reverend al sharpton insisted it was not an anti police demonstration. >> we come a long way which gives us the strength to finish the journey black, white, lati
6:34 pm
latino, asian asians, we all can bay street together! we can change the world if we stay together. >> reporter: many grass roots organizations among the marchers. along with students from a college fraternity who wanted to portray a positive image of young black men. >> we come from new jersey and new york and we're representing all to say we're here to stand with the family for equal rights and equal justice. report. >> lisa evers reporting for us tonight. still ahead on the fox 29 news at 6:00, a special needs student is fed lunch from the trash. why the school district says the girl's aids believed that they were doing the rye thing much that's neck. >> and the little league world series has been so exciting because of our taney dragons. up next you'll meet some of the other unsung heroes that make this special event happen
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♪ >> philadelphia and tha officers hit the basketball court for a good cause today. it's all part of a unity day held at the east popular recreation center. they played with local residents and vendors were also on hand
6:38 pm
providing health screenings, snacks and refreshments for everybody. >> after an mazing run at the little league world series, the taney dragons are coming back home to philadelphia tomorrow. fox 29's chris o'connell spent the past week with the team in williamsport and tonight, he has a story of some of the people who make the little league world series such a special event. >> reporter: the little league world series is certainly a massive undertaking for the small town of south williamspo williamsport. keep in mind, tens of thousands of people come in here every single day during the little league world series and there is no add mig fee. it is free to get in here. the complex, the games are free, concessions are very reasonable, and it's all because of the volunteers who make it all happen. behind every pitch and every swing you may not even notice them and that's okay with them. they are the unsung heroes of the little league world series, the volunteers.
6:39 pm
>> comradery, the people, the kids and that's what this is all about is the kids. >> reporter: ron wagner has been doing this for 50 years. this year he's assigned to the texas team. >> well, we make sure they're at breakfast. we make sure they have their uniforms clean, everything to to do with the kids. >> reporter: stay out of trouble. >> well, that's hard to do at times. >> reporter: they work the box office, manicure the fields, they're also chaperone. each team has several assigned to them. here they're called uncles. volunteers are so important to this place, they've even named one of their two stadiums in honor of them. >> look at that. >> reporter: mike knight is with the mexican team. he gladly gives up nearly two weeks of his time every year simply for the love of the game. >> that's probably the biggest reward we get. sit back and watch the kids experience the whole thing. >> reporter: here there is no
6:40 pm
price for admission. tickets are free. so it's up to these people to keep things at this massive complex running smoothly. >> how is the pay? >> very good. a lot of good food. >> reporter: dave stoker and his wife has been at it for 48 years much he's an umpire and an i was cher. >> they're the back bone. without them this whole system would not work. >> reporter: there is no paycheck. just free meals and a couple shirts. in fact, many say they'd pay to be here. what better way to enjoy a summer vacation than seeing kids realize their dreams. >> i had three boys that went through everything, and i just stayed with it when they grew up, and love it. and now i moved to florida and i come up every year. >> reporter: the tape 93 dragons actually had an extra volunteer with them through the week. a security guard specifically assigned to phenom mo'ne davis. he tells me he's never seen anything like her.
6:41 pm
at the little league world series chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> and still a head on the fox 29 news at 6:00, why school aids thought that feeding a student pizza from the trash was the right thing to do. plus, time is running out for this iconic carousel. what's next for the beloved jersey shore boardwalk ride. we'll be right back with that. dominica. >> after a murky start to the week it looks like we'll get in sunshine for the second half but in the mean team we have heavy to moderate showers come down out of limerick through west goshen, philadelphia seeing light showers. a few showers sticking a round to then it all clears out. this evening we'll see clearing skies mainly overnight with a few spot showers at about 9:00 o'clock.
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♪ >> breaking news in mayfair. philadelphia police are on the scene of a double shooting along the 4700 block of vista street. we're told two women were shot just a short time ago and they both have been pronounced dead. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll have the very latest for you tonight at 10:00. a new york steakhouses working hard to find a buyer for the historic casino pier
6:45 pm
carousel. the 8284 old amusement park ride survived hurricane sandy and a huge boardwalk fire in seaside heights. now the owners of the casino pier decided to auction it off last month but the date for the sale still hasn't been set. the auction house says it's optimistic the carousel will fetch more than $2 million. >> a special needs student is serve pizza pulled right out of the trash by a classroom aid. now the student who has diabetes showed up for lunch late and there wasn't any food left. the lunch staff panicked and pizza from the garbage fearing she would would go into insulin shock. jean kennedy has the story. >> reporter: school pointed aids including the one who helped see err ya prince make roughly $9 an hour and go through just a few days of training first at the district level then with school nurses and beyond that -- >> we we lie heavily on the
6:46 pm
training of the parent with us, because it's the parent who knows their child the best, and the parent is visiting with that doctor and knows specific information about that child's needs. >> reporter: due to a schedule lincoln flick nicole was unable to train her daughter's aid someone new the job and worked with the girl for the first time wednesday. when a lunch manager fed sierra prince a slice of pizza from a trash can the aid went along with it out of panic the district says. >> it was poor decision made in what they thought was going to be in the best interest of the child in panic that inn sewell lane shock, you know, would take place because they didn't have that pizza. >> i think that there is a big enough epidemic of type one diabetes that the school should be prepared. they should be set up to handle special needs children. um, they should already have the cash counts on their men use just like mcdonald's has to provide them. why doesn't the school have to provide it?
6:47 pm
>> the alpine school diss track says it will take closer look at these suggestions but overall officials feel the program with school appointed aids works well with few problems. sierra prince will have a new aid when she returns to school and the diss track says there will be additional training. >> we did discuss the need for an early training for diabetic needs with the 501 training. we do offer that training during the school year. but we don't offer it prior to school beginning. and so that is a change that the district will be looking at. >> there needs to be changes. they need to know the cash cou count. >> that was fox's gene kennedy reporting for us tonight. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. a rainy, gloomy, dreary kind of a day. we haven't had too many like this all day long. >> no, we haven't. you really can't complain but i mean, of course, you can complain because this is the weekends are number at this point. >> yeah. everybody wants to have nice
6:48 pm
weather and some warm weather. where did august go? it's been so chilly these past couple -- i don't want to say chilly but relatively speaking temperatures running 10 degrees below normal for today. so that is quite a bit and it is feeling a little cool out there. 69 that's what we're looking at right now in the city. we have 62 up in the poconos. 72 in atlantic city. the shore has been affected the most. they actually saw falling temperatures through the day with the winds coming in from the east. it is going to stay relatively cooler tomorrow as well on the shore with a bit of a breeze coming out of the north. that's going to keep temperatures in the mid 70s along the coast. so a better beach day but certainly not the best. temperatures get warmer through the week. tonight we are looking at mainly dry conditions. still have a few scattered showers out there. they'll wind down by 9:00 o'clock and on to decreasing clouds. that sets up a spectacular sunday, again, a little bit breezy on the shore but still a nice beach day and then monday
6:49 pm
through friday this dry period continues. we finally get back to the august heat. temperatures will actually get close to 90 i think on wednesday and thursday. we could be making a run for the 90s which would be the second time we've done that this month. we've only reached 90 degrees one day so far. in the month of august. satellite/radar still showing this broad area of showers that's moving over this city. it's starting to wind down but we still have these disturbances that are coming through. right now the heaviest showers you can see are through east goshen, philadelphia is looking at light drizzle right now. and then coming out of the trenton area moving in through medford, pickin picking up a pry good shower. so these are going to start to -- they'll continue to push to the south and sort of fade out. i'd give it until 9:00 o'clock then you can probably get rid of umbrella for the rest of the evening and just the clouds that we'll be dealing with until about midnight before those start to decrease as well. so here's a look at fox future cast. you can still see by 9:00 o'clock we have a few spot
6:50 pm
showers we'll call it 11:00 o'clock it's mainly clouds and then they start to decrease. so by tomorrow morning, you wake up. the clouds mainly are hanging on to our northwest. but by nine, 10:00 o'clock everybody is in the sunshine zone. we are looking at sunshine all across the board for the bulk of tomorrow with nice comfortable temperatures and low humidity. so a really nice finish to the weekend. the tropics though they are starting to heat up. tropical depression number four if it is gets named and it looks like it will be a tropical storm by sunday it will be tropical storm cristobal it's over the turks and caicos packing winds at 35 miles per hour. we have warnings out for the bahamas. if you are traveling keep in mind those models are pushing it to the southern edge of florida and some of them are even taking it to the east up the coast. tomorrow, though, let's focus on that weather. temperatures will be in the low 80s in the city. 75 in the poconos the and the shore going to the phillies game 75 degrees. a big difference from what you
6:51 pm
had today. a really nice game to watch. uv index though will still be high. so just make sure you bring that sunscreen and there's look at the seven day forecast. temperatures finally starting to get to where they should be this time of the year on monday, 85 degrees. the humidity starts to climb up by tuesday and wednesday. we could approach 90 degrees give it about an 89 wednesday and thursday. dry through friday it looks like saturday we could see some rain again but we do have to watch what's happening in the tropics because if that storm does out to sea we could see a little bit of an effect from that. something to keep our eye on. >> dominica, thank you very mu much. love the 80's. >> let's head over to tom with sports. >> trade day in the nba and the sixers leading scorer from a year ago is on his way to minnesota. sought out all the details on three team trade. one game left for the eagles in the preseason. chip kelly needs to see one more veteran play one guy in particular. the eagles make
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
♪ >> three team inform ga trade between cleveland, minnesota and the sixers officially done. cleveland gets the super star they want to do put with lebron james kevin love. top two picks last two drafts anthony bennett and andrew wiggins go from the cavaliers to minnesota. how did the sixers fit in. going to minnesota is thaddeus young the topic in the 2007 draft. for the record young played seven years here in philadelphia. averaged just under 14 points a game. 5.5 rebound. what those numbers don't tell you young played his heart out and played his butt off. two benched players you've never heard of. both guys have expiring contracts they get the my many me heat's first round pick in
6:55 pm
neck year's draft. eagles began a tough job of paring down the roster today by releasing 14 players. among the name on the list kicker kerry spear was the murder leg and alejandro, the us army reserve captain who had three tours of service in afghanistan. eagles roster down to 76 players. they have to make one more move by the nfl deadline of 4:00 o'clock on tuesday. chip kelly saying practice today all of the starters and even some of the number twos to back ups will not play in the thursday preseason finale against the jets. quarterbacks nick foles and mark sanchez matt barkley with the music blaring will get the sta start. >> we want to see matt play for an extended period of time. matt has gotten in there with the twos, three work i think he's done a real nice job. we kind of thought about it as a staff. i think mark 25 of 31. we feel comfortable with our one and two quarterbacks.
6:56 pm
we'll give matt a real extended look against the jets on thursday night. >> chip. phillies getting ready to host the cardinals down at citizens bank park. phillies are three and one on this home stand and i know they're small and sometimes hard to see, but maybe just maybe there are some glimmers of hope in what has been just a down right miserable summer for the phillies. let's start with the phillies bullpen and three and one home stand so far. look at these numbers for the phillies penn. 10 innings, no runs allowed, only seven hits and all three of the wins saved by papelbon. ben revere in the lead off. 13 hits in his last 28 bats average .315 trails colorado justin, by four points believe it or not national league batting title. >> i'm just having fun. i mean, i'm seeing the ball go good. some games i may get lucky the ball goes my way. but it's just all about having fun really. i really don't think about stats
6:57 pm
so much this and that. but, you know, it's all about just going out there. like i said play like it's your last. that's the main thing. i've been in the right -- finding the right holes lately. just, you know, seeing the ball, hit the ball. den hit it to the defense. >> pretty simple philosophy. yankees and white sock this afternoon in the bronx. joe tori has his number six retired. he won four world series in five years and got the plaque in monument park. yankees honor joe they won this afternoon. martin prado the go ahead double right here to the wall. yankees beat the white sox this afternoon five-three. phillies showing little bit of life. lousy summer. awful summer. glimmers of hope. we'll take them at this point. >> yes, we will. thank you shredder. that's our news for this saturday night at 6:00. tmz is next. hope you join us tonight for a tmz is next. hope you join us tonight for a futhe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> there was a big problem in malibu with a school that may have carcinogens and cindy crawford is talking about the calinging problems in schools. >> my feeling is it needs to be -- [laughter] >> i don't know about removing the calk. >> who would you rather? rihanna in her little daisy duke shorts and selena gomez? >> too easy. the game makes no sense. >> why don't you throw lena dunnham in there. >> will smith got on stage.


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